Real estate services in Atlanta, Georgia



It’s a big question—one we start with every time, with every new client. The answer helps us assist you in finding not just the best space for lease or sale, but the best solution for your business with regard to cost, stability and flexibility. We know a lease is more than just a space. For most businesses it’s an investment—the second-largest expense after personnel. That’s why we sweat the details, auditing to ensure contracts are properly administered and managing your lease agreements to make sure they support your business fully. We got our start here—providing tenant and landlord representation and property sales from just about day one in 1967. Today we leverage roots and long-standing relationships that began in Atlanta, the South’s most dynamic city, to offer our expertise and competitive advantage to clients across the U.S.

These are our goals:

  • Understand your aspirations—and create solutions that fit.
  • Know the ever-changing market—and how to keep our clients moving toward success, no matter the climate.
  • Be a strategic advisor—lowering your real estate costs and occupancy risks while at the same time maximizing workplace flexibility and productivity.