Property management services in Atlanta


Ackerman & Co. wants to know what you need with regard to managing your properties. The answer helps us build our plan of attack—choosing from our arsenal of experts and services to find the best solution for your real estate investment. Property management can make or break a real estate venture. Good management can increase value and reduce property costs. Bad management can mean money lost and headaches acquired. Ackerman & Co. is a property partner you can trust to help you—and your investment—find success.

Our objectives are:

  • Property-by-property planning—using the experience and creativity of our team to determine the most appropriate actions for your property rather than applying a standard solution.
  • Accounting for every little thing—including advanced technologies and LEED accreditation that can reduce buildings’ energy consumption by 5-20 percent.
  • Proactivity—including regular inspection of the interior and exterior of all of our managed properties to catch issues before they become real problems.