The ABC’s of Ackerman: Chandler Pope

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2015 Young Broker of the Year, Chandler Pope

The ABC’s of Ackerman takes flight with our first spotlight of the year. Ackerman & Co.’s 2015 Young Broker of the Year, Chandler Pope, recently sat down with us to discuss the growth of his commercial real estate career and shared some insight into his adventurous life.

A. First of all, congratulations on being named Ackerman’s Young Broker of the Year for 2015! Can you tell me about the goals you set at the beginning of 2015 and how you were able to achieve them?

It took a lot of hard work by staying disciplined, organized and focused on my business plan.  Some of my goals were networking, making a certain number of calls each week, staying up to date on commercial real estate news and researching and driving my market.

B. Let’s go back to the beginning. What brought you to Ackerman and how long have you been here?

I knew I wanted a career in the commercial real estate industry after I graduated from the University of Alabama in May of 2014.  I started networking with people in the industry and eventually met Douglas Biggs at Colliers International. He put me in contact with Ackerman’s President of Brokerage, Keene Miller.  I enjoyed meeting with Keene and the other brokers in the office. I accepted a position as an Associate in the Brokerage division in July of 2014.

C. You said that people were a big draw for you when you made the decision to join the brokerage What’s the best part of working at Ackerman?

The environment and definitely the people.  We have an outstanding work environment making it easy to accomplish tasks and stay focused on your business.  Everyone here is extremely supportive which makes for a great atmosphere.

D. Tell us a little bit about what you do you at Ackerman.

I provide brokerage services, specializing in tenant and landlord representation throughout Metro Atlanta.

E. What is the most exciting thing about commercial real estate?

Every day is different.  I enjoy meeting and interacting with a diverse range of people, scheduling and attending client tours and working on the entire transaction process from initial negotiations to move-in.

F. What advice do you have for someone trying to break into your field?

Choose a specialty and a market.  Become an expert in your market and make your presence known.  Develop a strategy, be disciplined, organized and stay focused.  Don’t let rejections slow you down.  Establish a professional relationship with everyone you meet.  Build credibility, relationships, and trust by treating everyone fairly and with respect.  Do what is in the best interest of your client and focus on their specific goals and needs by adding value.


Round two is the rapid fire round!


G. Tell us about some of your hobbies.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I play a lot of basketball and I love to ski. I also play the guitar in my free time.

H. What’s something that surprises people about you?

Between 1994 and 2000, I have visited over 30 countries and lived overseas. In those six years, I spent four years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and two years in Santiago, Chile.

I. More than a lot of people do in their lifetime. For someone who’s done so much, what’s something that’s on your bucket list?

Sky diving was a big one that I’ve already check off, but I’d love to take it to the next level and base-jump one day.

J. Who has been the most important person in your life? Can you tell me about him or her?

My parents are the most important people in my life. They are very loving and supportive in everything I do.