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August 15, 2022

Ackerman & Co. and MDH Partners Agree to Include Properties in West End Community Improvement District

Lee + White and 1200 White Street are now part of the West End CID, joining other participating properties to fund infrastructure, public safety and other initiatives.

ATLANTA, August 15, 2022 – Two Ackerman & Co. properties are now part of the West End Community Improvement District: the Lee + White mixed-use development – co-owned with its investment partner MDH Partners – and the Ackerman-owned 1200 White Street property.

Formed in 2017, the West End CID, through its participating property owners, advances infrastructure, beautification, public safety and economic development initiatives in the historic community just south of Downtown Atlanta.

“As an investor with ownership in two large properties in the West End, we’re committed to doing our part to improve the community,” said Leo Wiener, President of Ackerman Retail, who with Senior Vice President Kelly Wilson is spearheading the leasing efforts for the food hall and retail spaces at Lee + White. “We’re glad to include our properties in the West End Community Improvement District to contribute to the many initiatives the CID is undertaking to benefit West End residents and those visiting the area.”

Added Evan Ziegler, Senior Vice President of Investments for Ackerman: “As the owner of the recently acquired 1200 White Street Building, in addition to Lee + White with our partner MDH Partners, we see great value in the West End CID. It’s exciting to see the expansion of the CID to include businesses along White Street.”

The West End CID has implemented community programs such as the weekly Fresh MARTA Market and the Soccer in the Streets program at the soccer field next to the West End MARTA station. Ongoing and planned economic development initiatives include the I-20 Interchange cleanup and landscaping project at the Lee Street and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard interchanges, and upgrades to the Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard corridor including improved pedestrian features and a storefront redesign program.

Public safety is a major emphasis, and the CID has received a patrol car that will be used for safety patrols along Lee Street and other areas in the West End.

“Ackerman & Co. bringing their properties into the West End CID is a huge win for us,” said Chris Pierre, Project Manager for the West End CID. “The fact that Ackerman sees the benefits of the CID speaks positively to other property owners who might be interested in including their properties in the CID.”

Properties within the CID contribute through additional tax millage rates to fund improvements within the district.

Ackerman & Co.’s and MDH Partners’ Lee + White is a 442,562-square-foot adaptive reuse mixed-use project featuring restaurants, breweries, Class A offices, retail and a 19-vendor food hall. Just down the road from Lee + White is the second Ackerman property included in the CID, 1200 White Street, a 212,500-square-foot facility.

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